How to Brain Train Your Dog

How to Brain Train Your Dog

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“All play and no brain work makes your doggo a dull pet.”

The severity of that statement comes to us when we see a gradual mental decline in our dogs.

It is frustrating and sad to see your pet so agitated and anxious all the time.

You have been trying to play with him more, but that is not taking the both of you anywhere!

The problem here is as clear as day. Your Dog needs some serious mental stimulation.

And how you do that?

How do you find the best ways of training your Dog’s intelligence?

You don’t have to look too far; we have the most effective brain training channels for your doggo.

1.     Brain Training for Dogs Program

The author of The Brain Training for dogs’ program, Adrienne Farricelli, is a firm believer in using force-free activities to engage your Dog’s mind.

She uses a set of 21 games along with several other interactive methods to help you have a smarter pet.

The course consists of 7 modules ranging from the very beginner to an advanced level.

Science-based Dog Training. Sounds interesting, but what is it?

Well, you must be already familiar with Pavlov’s Dog Experiment.

His theory was a breakthrough that countered and criticized the otherwise harsh methods used for dog training.

He was successfully able to convince the world that instead of using force to achieve an obedient dog.

You must use mental stimulation to condition the Dog’s intelligence.

The Brain Training for Dogs Program takes this ideology to a whole new level.

Turning the training process into a fun experience for both you and your doggo.

2.     Mental Stimulation through Brain Games and Puzzle Toys

It is partially true that playing with your dog until he is tired is the best way to make him happy.

But that statement is only half of the complete equation.

A dog that has a “job” is a happy pet.

You don’t have to go out of your way to keep your Dog mentally entertained.

You can do that just as effectively in the comfort of your own home.

Play a game that tickles your Dog’s fantasies.

Brain Games for Dogs like Hide and seek or treasure hunt will not only target his physical needs but his intelligence too.

You can learn about other more robust games in the Brain Training for Dog’s Program.

Don’t have time to participate in your Dog’s playtime?

You can always purchase a few Interactive Dog Puzzle Games easily from online stores like amazon, chewy, or eBay.

Puzzle games target specific animal instincts in your Dog.

They open their mental blocks by teaching them patience.

Your Dog is a natural tinkerer, take care of his boredom, and he will take care of yours.

3.     Teach your Dog some evergreen Tricks

Just spending 10 minutes a day with your doggo, teaching him new skills can be extremely rewarding.

If you have an aged dog, don’t underestimate his intelligence.

In fact, if your dog is in his golden years, more interaction with him is the best way to slow down his mental decline.

Many studies have proven that mental stimulation and dog training keeps them young and healthy.

Follow these learning sessions with some delectable treats.

And your Dog will soon become a devout scholar who loves his lessons and his owner.

4.     Introduce your Dog to the world outside of your home

What would happen to you if you were confined inside of your home for days?

Well, most of us know the answer now.

It is terrible, isn’t it?

And it’s equally as bad for your Dog!

Instead of running errands all alone, take your Dog on a short night walk.

Let the wanderer in him explore.

Nature is an excellent teacher, the rustling of leaves, squirrels, and the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

All of that are cues to his natural tendencies.

These natural instincts stimulate your Dog’s brain and his senses.

“A smart dog for a happy owner.”

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