5 Best Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

5 Best Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

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Most dogs and certain breeds, in particular, have a natural predisposition to stay busy.

Dog breeds like American Foxhounds, Herding breeds, and sheepdogs are brimming with energy.

The lack of sources that allow them to channel this energy causes a set of “bad behavioral patterns,” Including excessive barking and whining.

We have talked about the importance of mental stimulation for dogs.

We know they are intelligent beings and need an outlet to cross over to prevent curiosity getting the better of them.

Brain games for dogs are a great way to keep them busy. But what could be a real challenge to their cognition?

What would engage their Brain completely and unlock the smart in your Dog?

The answer is simple, you see! Puzzle toys for Dog!

These toys will keep them busy all day.

Even when you are running errands, your Dog will fare just fine with his puzzle toys.

Why are Interactive Puzzle Toys fantastic for Your Dogs?

Keeping your Dog busy is the best way of keeping him out of trouble.

And the best way of keeping them busy is puzzle games for dogs.

Providing mental stimulation calms your Dog and prevents anxiety when you are not around them.

Puzzle Toys gives them a purpose or a “job.”

It enhances their intuition as a solving puzzle toy requires focused attention and intelligence.

Here are some of the most interactive Puzzle Toys that will entertain the most brilliant dog breeds:

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado

The Nina Ottoson Dog Tornado keeps the promise of being the best interactive Dog toy in the market.

There are 12 treat sections with multiple spinning levels.

The toy engages all the brainpower of your Dog in the quest to find his rewards.

If you have an Einstein in dog form (which you will after the Brain Training for Dogs program) and he solves the puzzle toy.

You can up the difficulty by adding more blockers.

ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow Log and Chipmunks Squeaky Toy

The ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow Log and Chipmunk toy is for dogs who have natural hunting tendencies.

It offers quite a challenge to your Dog as they must find ways to dig the squeaky chipmunks out of the log.

The squeaky noise will also let you know that the doggo is busy and safe when you are in a different room.

Trixie Dog Activity Chess

Chess is for humans only. NAH!

The Trixie Dog Activity Chess toy compliments the Brain Training for Dogs program.

It comes with three levels of difficulty that can randomly be adjusted every time.

The non-sleep rubber feet resist the Dog’s nudges without toppling over and ruining the game.

Outward Hound Feeder

How about making dinner time a puzzle game for your doggo?

The Outward Hound Feeder stimulates your Dog mentally and prevents them from gulping down their food too quickly.

It can hold four cups of dry dog food.

The interaction improves your Dog’s digestion that prevents accidents like choking.

The Snuffle Mat

Has your Dog been showing traits of anxiety lately?

The Snuffle Mat is an efficient cure for a nervous doggo.

It engages their sense of smell and foraging abilities.

As a bonus, The Snuffle Mat is entirely washable and made from recycled materials.

How to choose the best Puzzle toys for your Dog?

You realize the potential of a Puzzle Toy for your doggo, but don’t know where to start?

Let us help you with that.

Interactive Puzzle Toys for Dogs can range between the easy to hard difficulty levels.

Your Dog’s personality and breed are strong factors to consider while choosing the right puzzle toy.

The best way to decide what your Dog prefers is to try a couple of different options.

Your Dog might be a variety maniac and loves choices in his puzzle toys.

Or an obsessive Doggo who likes one toy better than the others.

It is up to you to observe them and see how they react to a particular puzzle toy.

Or you can ask your Dog trainer such as Adrienne if you have subscribed to the Brain Training for Dogs Program.

Because Dog Experts Like Adrienne knows best!

Another Disney reference!

We are relentless, aren’t we!!

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