5 Best Brain Games for Dogs

Best Brain Games for Dogs 5

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Who doesn’t love a good game of fetch with their dogs?

It is a perfect way of bonding with your furry friend and getting them physically involved.

But the hitch with such games is that there is no mental engagement whatsoever for your doggo.

Just some tail wagging and a lot of running.

While such games do cover the physical needs, you are making a grave mistake by ignoring your dog’s cognitive demands.

Brain games for dogs are an excellent way of curing the cabin fever in your pet, especially when they remain at home for the most part of the day.

Doggy boredom is a serious problem, which many of us tend to ignore until it’s too late.

If you don’t stimulate your dog’s intelligence, they will create their own merrymaking.

And certainly not in a way that is desirable to you!

They will find activities to pass on the message of their agitation very well.

Most dog owners tend to confuse such behavior in their dogs as a case of anxiety or natural clinginess.

However, the problem is much more severe than you might think.

A bored dog will mugger you for constant attention because their brain is hungry for some action.

It is certainly not them showing you their love; it is their cry for help!

Some specific signs or symptoms project the lack of mental stimulation in your dog.

Through activities such as shredding pillows and toilet papers, chewing on furniture, whining, and barking.

A study from the Messerli Research Institute, where researchers employed a touchscreen to teach dogs some primary computer games.

Once the dogs entered the correct answer, they were given treats as a form of reinforcement.

Such studies are a strong evidence of the fact that mental games will wake your dog from the perpetual cycle of mundanity.

While it would be a little far-fetched for us to say that you should buy a computerized brain game for your doggo.

There is a more cost-effective and practical way of keeping your dog’s mental state stimulated- Brain Training for Dog.

A mental training program for unlocking the intellectual side to your pet.

Don’t wait until your dog starts exhibiting signs of mental decline. Act before it’s too late.

Some robust brain games in the Brain Training for Dogs program include:

1.      The Airplane Game

The airplane game is an effective strategy of teaching your dog the covenant of pure patience.

If you have kids, you may be very familiar with this game.

It is a fun way of using treats to test and teach your dog that “good things come to those dogs who wait.”

2.      The Treasure Hunt Game

The Treasure Hunt Game will engage the sniffy-sniff instincts of your doggo.

The activity is especially useful to reinvigorate dogs in their golden years.

Once your dog understands the concept and plays along, make sure you reward them with delish treats!

3.      The Muffin Brain Game

The Muffin Game is to improve and challenge your dog’s memory through rewards.

It is also a great activity if you wish to test your doggo’s sense of smell and pure curiosity.

4.      The hide seek game.

The hide and seek game is an exciting choice of activity to stimulate your dog’s brain and satisfy their curiosity.

It is one of those strategies that aims at using the natural tendency in your dog to the fullest.

5.      The Name Recognition game

This name-recognition game teaches your dog to assign names to their toys.

It is a perfect game for both indoors and outdoors.

Who knew you could make your dog name his toys?

But the Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne teaches that a dog can do more than just whining or barking.

Do you love the idea of owning having Dexter as a friend but in dog form? 

Yes, we are referencing your favorite childhood series Dexter’s Laboratory!

Well back to the real talk, dear nerds- the Brain Training for Dogs program is an all-inclusive guide to a smarter dog.

The course has the best of all traditional as well as the modern brain games for your dog.

Of course, the program is not just helping your dog’s cognition, but you as a pet owner.

Like we always say, “A smart dog is a good dog. A bored dog is a bad pet.”

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