Emily Lark’s Back to Life System Review

Back to Life System Review

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The simplest activities like sitting or standing seem like such a chore to you?

No matter what you do, massages, pills, continuous consultations with your doctor! Nothing seems to curb the constant excruciating pain in your back.

You must have thought that you would get back pain relief sooner as it is a minor problem in life until it hit you too.

Now you are desperate for something that works after so many failed attempts at alleviating the ailment.

It’s not just you; back pain is the fifth most common reason that causes people to book appointments for medical consultation.

There is 60 to 80 percent of people out of the total population going through motions of life with an aching back.

The ailment is not merely a channel of physical pain, but it practically ruins your life and your relationships.

You lose control of the daily motions of life.

You lose the elegant touch at work because sitting for long hours without the pain clawing up your back is something you have come to miss dearly.

So, the central puzzle here is – how to take back control over my life?

There is one sure solution that promises back pain relief, sciatica, and hip pain relief.

The Back to Life System – a complete program, encompassing a series of very relative movements.

Each stretch in the Back to Life Program is a therapy for your body, especially for your back.

To check the claims of this program, we have brought this in-depth Back to Life System Review.

But to ascertain how it works and give it a credibility rating, we need to learn more about the Back to Life Program and eBook along with all the scientific basis behind it.


What is the Back to Life System?

According to the creator of the Back to Life Program, Emily Lark, if you have been suffering from back pain from the early years of life, you would expect it to remain ever-present until the end.

But that’s not entirely true.

Once a back-pain patient, always a back-pain patient. She says it’s the biggest myth of human biology.

The Back to Life System (3 Level Complete Healthy Back System) breaks away from conventional modes of treatments like surgery, injection, and other medications.

We stress that if you have consulted a physician concerning your ailment before, your only choice is to take pills that have worse side effects.

You are curing one thing at the risk of your other normally functioning biology.

The sentiment is exact for back pain surgery as well. The surgery works; there is no denying that.

But it comes with a cost—a cost of its side effects that intensify as you age.

What then breaks the barter? What comes free of cost? Without any risk of side effects?

The Back to Life Program eBook speaks of such a cure for your back pain.

The stretched programmed by the author Emily Lark is all based on scientific reasoning.

They target the core problem that is causing the ailment instead of curing what’s on the surface.

The most attractive aspect of the Back to Life Program is that it will merely take 10 minutes of your daily time to go through the entire routine.

Considering the fact that it needs to be practiced for a substantial amount of time.

The ten-minute short but effective regime makes things a lot easier.

All the Back to Life System stretches are gentle to your back. Each movement is a therapy that restores the vitality of your back to release you from its shackles.

Compared to all channels that you have tried before to get some relief from the pain, the Back to Life Program seems like a small investment.

There is no stack of requirements that need to be met; there is no substantial commitment.

It is a lifetime instant access to physical therapy that perhaps will change your life for the better. Forever!

According to the creator of the Back to Life Program, back pain can hit anyone and everyone.

We have been making three mistakes in our daily lives without any awareness of them.

These three mistakes cause stress and trauma to our back.

The repetitive stress invariably locks us inside a sore, internally injured body with no hope whatsoever.

So, the question is, can a simple stretch resolve the excruciating lifelong ailment?

Yes! But how?

The exact sequence of stretches and movements designed by Emily lark work by unlocking a group of muscles.

Emily Lark argues that contrary to the common belief, back pain is not caused by the muscles of the back.

But the core muscles of your body when subjected to constant, silent stress lead to problems such as low back pain, sciatica, and even soreness in your neck and shoulder joints.

The sequence stretches mentioned in the Back to Life Program targets the right region of your body to help alleviate the ailment.

To get a better understanding of how the movement in the Back to Life System program works to rid you of back pain, we need to analyze what science has to say about it.


Science Behind Back to Life Program

The author of the Back to Life Program, Emily Lark, enlightens us about the valid reasons why most of us are subjected to low pain.

science behind back to life program


She mentions the three mistakes that almost all of us are making in our daily lives.

And before you blame yourself for your condition. Please halt!

Your back pain is not your fault. It comes as a cost of living the modern-day lifestyle.

The static sitting in front of your computer in the office or the six-hour-long classes you attend.

The hours you spend standing in line to get a chore done or driving across from home to work and Back.

Every little integration of our modern lifestyle is responsible for what Emily Lark calls- repetitive trauma.

Repetitive trauma then leads to another health ailment called crossed syndrome.

So, what is a repetitive syndrome, and what is crossed syndrome?

We bet you have never heard of the two terms.

Neither did we, until we came across the Back to Life System back healing and rejuvenating program by Emily Clark.


Repetitive Trauma – The First Evil Cause Behind Back Pain

Specific injuries that are sudden or have jerky impacts on our muscles are called acute muscle strain.

Some examples of the precursors of acute muscle stains can be heavy weightlifting or similar activities excess strain on our spine.

Another set of injuries that are caused by tedious movements that we repeat causes chronic muscle strain.

Acute and Chronic muscle strain is the subject of what the Back to Life System back healing program argues.

We are unknowingly performing activities that can cause either or both types of back pain.

The continued repetition of the same activities daily is what causes repetitive trauma to our muscles and spines.

The trauma then causes a condition called crossed syndrome.


Crossed Syndrome- The Silent, Hidden Evil Cause Behind Back Pain

In brevity, the crossed syndrome can be explained as the structural imbalances in our muscles.

These muscular inconsistencies occur when we move our bodies in a precise manner.

This causes a shift that can shorten or lengthen specific muscles relative to other tissues.

The imbalance pulls our pelvis, causing a prominent tilt, affecting the lower regions of the spine.

The author of the Back to Life Program, argues on the same grounds.

She says for those suffering from back pain, she may attribute it to a disparity in the back muscles.

But in reality, it is your core muscles; the condition pulls your belly, hip, and ribcage down.

The ultimate reflection of the crossed syndrome is what we all know so well- Back pain.

The theory of Emily Lark fits right into the medical research on crossed syndrome and repetitive trauma.

Moreover, research mentions that lower back pain is also responsible for decreased serotonin secretion in your body.

Now serotonin is the happy hormone that keeps you under optimal mood and motivation.

But due to lowered secretion, you experience more moodiness than ever.

You can’t sleep well, and your life just goes down the drain.

So do your relationships. You are in pain, and you are lonely—a perfect concoction for depression.

Hence, back pain is not a single ailment. It is a cause of a cascade of more problems, both biological and social.

It is a pandora’s box that needs to shut close. But what can so be powerful to eliminate your sufferings?

To us, we are convinced that the only solution to your pandora’s box is the Back to Life Program by Emily Lark.

From the assessment, it is fair to say that her back to the life program is a legit cure to the ever-present back pain.


3 Mistakes that the Author professes that make your body more prone to ailments like back pain?

Mistake 1 – Stretching the wrong muscle or group of muscles

Often, we assume that stretching or moving a particular region is aching with solving the problem.

But what we don’t consider is that the ache might be a referred pain from another region of your body.

Pain in your lower pain might be due to reasons that are entirely unrelated to your back.

Shocking, right?

Well, referred pain is a condition in which the problem in one place in the body is felt in a completely different region.

This is because the pain is traveling down a nerve from one place to another.

Hence, stretching one wrong region that is merely affected because of referred pain can elevate the symptom.


Mistake 2 – Combating Lower Back Pain by strengthening your Back Muscles

Emily Lark argues that a disparity in your back muscles does not cause lower back pain.

The core muscles of your body cause it.

Hence, her stretching routine targets the real problem- the ignored core to rid your body from the chains of back pain.

The routine is convenient because, unlike the redundant and outdated exercise ads you see, the Back to Life System strengthens the primary muscle group that supports your body.


Mistake 3 – Resting Your Back

Static posture is one of the most common causes of back pain today.

It is a default programming of our modern-day lifestyle that coaxes us to remain in the same posture for hours at a stretch.

Resting in a bad posture is asking for the ache in your back that will invariably bind you for life.

Sitting, standing, or even lying for a prolonged time can lead to joints and muscles’ stiffness in various regions of the body.

Emily lark speaks from personal experience that exercise was her retrieve.

Her journey as a personal trainer in different domains of group exercises made her realize the healing properties of moving your body in the right way.

She stands by her theory in the Back to Life System pain healing program that a series of exact sequences can cure your ailment.

Back to Life System reviews from existing clients confirm that after learning the 10 minutes Back to Life System routine, their lives changed.

Forever and for good!


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Life Story of the Back to Life System Creator – Emily Lark

The story of Emily Lark, the author of the Back to Life Program, starts at the young age of 12.

Emily LarkShe was in a life-shattering car accident along with the child that she was babysitting and her mother.

She recalls the blood trickling down her eyes as she regained consciousness within the toppled car.

The first she heard were the cries of the little girl by her side.

She knew she was running short of time. She had to do something before it was too late.

She tried to pry open the car door; she tried to reach the girl screaming for her mother.

But soon, Emily realized it was impossible to move her legs. She was locked in her own battered and bloodied body.

She submitted to the realization that there was no hope. But hope arrived.

As the three passengers in the car were taken to the hospital.

Emily was confused and hopeless; she was so young. Was this how her life was going to end?

Is this all her life counted down to? But she wanted to live!

And to the sheer surprise of the doctors attending to the car accident victims, all three survived.

Emily regained her consciousness after a few hours and thus began her journey to rehabilitate her body again.

Her body healed, the scars on her back and legs healed. Her skin showed little to no sign of her past.

But what Emily and everybody around her was not aware of was that her body was body mangled inside.

Her internal injuries were far from healing. There were fault lines all over her body.

As she grew up, there was not a single moment when she didn’t squirm in her seat.

As the electrical short circuit hit her back and the entire body, she gave up.

She submitted to the fact that her body was meant to be crippled for life.

Due to the limited activity she could, she soon started stacking up a lot of weight.

An excruciatingly painful back, an overweight body, loneliness, and low levels of depression.

Emily was on the crux of giving up. It was time for her to enroll in college.

But she was ashamed of the 30 extra pounds on her body.

Despite being so hopeless, she decided to choose for herself. To relish in her efforts instead of reveling in her misery.

She started working out! Slow steps on the treadmill as she awaited the painful back to wreck her anytime.

But as she kept walking on the treadmill, she realized that her back did not give away. She felt a soothing sensation.

For the first time, her back pain was not coming back.

Soon she realized that exercise was her strongest ally. She started losing weight.

She regained her confidence, and soon she accumulated certificates as a personal trainer in Pilates, yoga, and several other group exercises.

She was escalated when she was offered to work as a fitness instructor in one of the most reputed fitness centers in Chicago.

She soon became the tough fitness and wellness coach who will make you sweat.

Her reputation rapidly grew, and she found herself traveling all across the country to help clients get back in shape.

She was living the time of her life as she found love.

A newly wedded Emily lark was now planning for her future, but little did she know that another shockwave was ready to ruin her life once again.

The pain back came boomeranging back. It stopped her right in the tracks, her life, and all her hopes kept tumbling down.

Watching her body and life falling so hard, she clung to her last hope.

She consulted a spine surgeon, who told her quite decisively that there was but one cure for her back pain.

She needed to sign up for back or spine surgery. A procedure with little to no guarantee that it would cure her back.

Not to mention the apparent side effects of the surgery that would haunt her for life.

Emily refused to subject her body to a procedure that was full of insecurities.

It clicked in her that she was still young, and if exercise helped her temporarily, it would help her again.

She knew she was doing something wrong. She wanted to find out the how’s and whys behind her back pain.

She dedicated all her time and money to research the effects and fundamentals of exercise relative to back pain.

After years of trial and error and the fault lines of her back throwing her on the ground.

Emily lark discovered the correct sequence- she tried it on herself just to check it out,

And to her delight, the pain was gone.

With only ten minutes of sequential stretching, she couldn’t feel the familiar ache in her back.

No matter what she did, her back did not ache.

And soon, she realized how potent and life-changing her discovery was.

She knew that she was not the only one with this affliction.

And she created the Back to Life System ebook back healing program for those like her.

To help you and others around you unlock your body’s self-healing power, that would cure back pain for perpetuity.


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Complete Breakdown of the Back to Life Program

While researching to cure her back pain after it wrecked her life for the second time, Emily Lark found these principles.

Some fundamentals form the basis of her back-to-life system – a program for permanently curing your back pain.

1.      None of the exercises work on their own

While going through her library of all healing exercises with an ice pack on her aching Back, Emily stumbled upon a realization.

She concluded that none of the exercises work on their own, be it yoga, Pilates, or other forms of group exercises.

Each form of exercise either focused on too much stretching or a lot of strengthening of different muscles in the body.

The focused consequence leads to a definite imbalance in the structural formulation of your body, making the back pain worse than it already was.


2.      Each form of exercise has a specific set of movements that are lengthy but also detrimental for back pain.

Even if you perform the movements correctly, these sets of exercises put unnecessary strain on your back.

Emily wondered- how did exercise then temporarily relieve her back pain years ago.

There was something that she wasn’t quite catching on to.

What was the missing piece?

She decided to interrogate experts on the human body, not as a patient but as an investigator.

She started picking on bits of information that these experts released.

Piecing each unit of information, she used her own body as a personal test lab.

Just when she was about to give up hope and call her spine surgeon. She discovered a 10-minute routine that Emily Lark describes as if she was struck by lightning.

A revelation that she calls the Back to Life System, a permanent cure for your back pain.

The sequence of movements and stretches covered by the Back to Life Program eBook is as began in the following manner.

The first movement – a 30 seconds stretch

The opening sequence balances your body’s natural health and alignment.

The movement is pain-free and gentle on your back.

If you expect that while doing this stretch, your back pain will hit you again with one wrong move.

You will be disappointed!

There is no comprises in this routine. Just liberation forms a long, painful ailment.


PROs and CONs of Back to Life Program

This Back to Life System Review will be incomplete if we won’t list all the identified positive as well negative aspects of this program. So here we go –


  1. A well-researched program that derives on the most robust scientific breakthroughs on chronic back pain.
  2. A short and easy to follow exercise routine
  3. A guaranteed method to relieve pain
  4. The video guide is helpful and lets you commit you the routine without leaving the comfort of your home.
  5. The back-to-life system pricing is minimal, considering you get instant access to an effective method of curing chronic back pain.


  1. Might not be suitable for everyone. If you are suffering from internal ailments such as skeletal insufficiencies, degenerative disc disorder, spinal cord injuries, the program might not be as effective.
  2. If you are already committed to a back pain-relieving therapy, the program might conflict with it.


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Elements of Back to Life System Program?

There are three levels to the Back to Life System 10-minute routine.

You begin with the first level and segue into the hierarchy.

back to life system review


Each level is targeting one problem at a time that is causing your back to ache.

The Back to Life System eBook mentions that the program is a progressive cure that strengthens your core muscles and balances the body in the most natural way possible.

The program is short and easy to commit to. The three-section are divided into dedicated videos.

The video teaches you the therapeutic sequences that will help combat back pain.

Another manual inside the Back to Life Program supplements the routines.

It gives you all the information on how you can avoid subjecting your back to excessive strain.

The movements and stretches in the Back to Life System are divided into categories which are as follows:

  1. Core exercises
  2. Back release movements
  3. Upper back movements
  4. Relief for neck and shoulder pain
  5. Movements to support your lower back
  6. Hip and gluteal muscle sequences and stretches.


Does the Back to Life System Really work?

The Back to Life System reviews from existing clients confirms the effectiveness of the program.

People who have tried the program deem it as life-changing.

We re-evaluated the therapeutic sequences by Emily Lark on most of our writers who suffer from the same ailments.

And our conclusion falls in line with what the customers of the Back to Life System eBook profess.

It does work! It cures your back pain and in the most robust, drug-free manner.

Now, if you are just like us and skeptical about if so, many other expensive treatments failed to cure your back pain.

How does the Back to Life System guarantee a cure?

Mrs. Emily Lark, the creator of the Back to Life System, is living proof of its effectiveness.

The hybrid approach to back pain detects the core problems in your body.

It enhances your flexibility and core muscle strength.

Along with curing your back pain, it regenerates your vitality, brightens your mood by stabilizing the serotonin levels in the body, and allows you to have a good night’s sleep. Check some clients reviews:

Does the Back to Life System really work

To give you more confidence to buy Back to Life System, it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can give it a try risk-free for two months, which is ample time to see results.


Check Consumer Reviews



Is the Back to Life System legit?

The Back to Life System back healing program is a straightforward approach.

It does not employ conventional medications or any other surgical procedure.

It targets the real reason behind your back pain and eliminates it by stretching your core, stabilizing your healing system, and realigning your body’s structure.

Moreover, all the theories of the creator Emily Lark are based on robust scientific approaches such as crossed syndrome and repetitive trauma.


Where and how can I buy the Back to Life System eBook and back healing program?

The program is available on the Back to Life System official website along with online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

But, for instant access to the Back to Life System program online and Direct support from the Program creator, I would recommend you to buy it directly from the official website.

The digital media of the back to life program can be downloaded on any device- mobile, PC, and laptop immediately after purchase.

The most significant advantage of this channel is that you can learn about the back to life program on the go.

When you are done grasping the information, it is easy to perform the 10-minute routine in the comfort of your own home.


Pricing of the Back to Life System eBook and back healing Program?

The pricing of the Back to Life System is minimal.

We appreciate how the creator has kept the program’s cost so minimal so that anybody and everybody can take advantage of her discovery.

The Back to Life System is priced at $37 in which you get the original back to life eBook, a supplementary manual on avoiding back pain, and a healthy back checklist.


Summary of Back to Life System Review

At the beginning of our Back to Life System review, we were skeptical as always.

Baffled as to how a simple stretch can relieve a problem that has troubled millions.

When all the expensive pills and routines and advice never work, how does one movement cure it all and forever?

But as we went deeper and evaluated the program on our team, we were surprised.

The program is indeed effective and legit.

Learning about the scientific facts that Emily Lark lays down in her eBook started to make sense.

Instead of curing the external causes.

The Back to Life System was targeting the real reason behind back pain.

It cleared some of the most common myths on what causes back pain and teaches you how to put less stress on your back.

The Back to Life System is a guide to learn better about your body’s signals.

It is the ultimate cure to unlock your self-healing abilities.

A sure way to get back the control of your life!


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